What is Mokra Gora School of Management?

Mokra Gora School of Management (MSM) is private executive education institution. MSM is founded in 2009 with mission to improve business climate by development of business and management skills.

What services you render?

MSM is organized in four groups of activities: executive education, senior executive MBA program, Vivaldi Forums and Team Buildings.

What competencies your programs develop? 

Our approach is based on 360 principle divided in four key competencies: management of yourself, technical skills, relationship management and strategy management.

How many programs you have in your portfolio?

MSM has designed 55 different programs around four key competencies.

What is the ratio „theory versus practice“?

80% practical, experiential learning and 20% theory.

Who are your lecturers?

MSM has 35 selected lecturers. Most of them have sound business career that is crucial for our business community.

Are your programs accredited?

MSM is the only private institution in Serbia that organizes joint academic Master of Business Administration, MBA for senior executives in cooperation with Faculty of Organizational Science, member of Belgrade University. Our MBA program is the only program of this type listed and accredited in formal education of Serbia.

Professional programs are not subject of accreditation but are subject to continues assessment by our Clients and the business community.

Why are you called Mokra Gora School of Management?

First, Mokra Gora is one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia. Second, Mokra Gora offers unique conditions for intellectual and proffesional work including first class rest and recreation. Third, MSM is both, global and local business school. Last, our host, Emir Kusturica is the best promoter of valuse MSM promotes: global knowledge passionately implemented in our environment.

Are all programs held in Mokra Gora?

MSM has two campuses.  We are confident that our program in Mokra Gora Campus are of the highest impact since Students are not interrupted by daily routines.

We are aware of cost and time constraints by our Clients. MSM has also Campus in Belgrade where two-day  programs are organized.

What makes you different from other business schools?

Comparing with international business schools we are younger, more dynamic, entrepreneurial and cost-wise very effective business school. Our programs are very competitive in content while the costs are unmatched with similar offers from EU or US.

In comparison with with regional school, MSM has the widest portfolio, deeply rooted in business practice since our lecturers and founders mostly come from international and regional business establishment. We are cooperating with largest companies in the Region as well as with all relevant business associations which gives us great insights.

Why would we choose Mokra Gora School of Management for our supplier?

MSM is more than just a business school. We transfer knowledge and skills without prejudice and clichés. We do not have any other goal and interest except to help our students to become more successful in that they do.

Our approach is based on firm belief that connecting and exchange makes us all better and if we are improving the whole society will improve as well.

MSM is not a simple supplier but long term partner who nurtures deep and lasting relationships with our Clients.

How can We become strategic partner of MSM and what are the benefits? 

Clients of  MSM are the ones who enroll to our programs.

Strategic partners are companies who are committed to long term development of their executives while also being passionate to improve overall business community by joining the initiatives that MSM launches.

In terms of quality and costs, our strategic partners have the most benefits since we know in depth their structure and  challenges and we get to know their key people and their needs. In paralell, we return with the highest matching of their needs coupled with cost effective remuneration.

Is is better to take ad hoc programs or to sign annual agreement?

All our partners, who sign annual agreement have better conditions, bonuses and other benefits. This is why we treat them as our strategic partners. The most of the companies we work with are our partners over three years.

Are there special conditional for self financed students?

Yes. For those students who are financing their studies alone we have special conditions.

Do you give scholarships based on financial needs or merit? 

Yes. MSM has pool of scholarships for either students, the ones who are exceptional or the ones who have financial restrictions.

How to reach Mokra Gora?

Please look at Google maps.

What does the logo of MSM stands for?

MSM logo created industrial designer from UK,  Dejan Mitrović, graduate of Royal College of Art (UK). Our logo symbolizes the values we promote: tradition, experience and knowledge.

Can MSM help me to  find  a job?

MSM is not executive search company. However, we care about our strategic partners and talents. For some programs like GMP or eMBA with can provide contacts with business community.

What is GMP?

General Management Program (GMP)  is proffesional program which prepares executives for the roles with broader responsibilities. Although, some call it „mini MBA“ international practice does not recognize it. GMP is focused on broader „general management perspective“. Our Alumni group has over 100 regional executives who are very closely connected.

What is MEMBA  and what makes it different comparing it with other MBA programs? 

MEMBA is abbreviation for Mokrogorsky Executive Master of Business Administration, classified in Serbian education system as Master of Management with 90 ESBP points. This program is created for senior executive with 10+ years of experience.

Key differentiating points  are accreditation, higher selection criteria, minimum ten years of experience, and focus on regional economy. Lastly, our MBA program is organized in sessions of ten days each.

What is your price policy?

Our price policy is based on two elements: Firstly, the value we give to our students much higher comparing quality-price ratio of similar programs in the world. Secondly, we value our work and continuously invest in premier lecturers and experience in order to follow the latest global practice.

Do you have unsatisfied students or Clients?

We live from inspired students. Our average evaluation is 4,5 at the 1-5 scale. Naturally, each program is unique since students are always different.

We ensure the quality of our deliveries by doing the following: First, for corporate, in-house programs it is crucial to receive proper briefing in order to precisely define needs of the organization and students. This is why we always ask our lecturer to meet with the Client prior to program preparation.

Also, at the beginning of the day, lecturer addresses the individual needs of students with Agenda and fine-tunes the program with student’s expectations.

After program delivery, all students evaluate the program and the lecturers. Based on the feedback we further develop the program and make report for the Client.

Until now, we did not have a Client who was not satisfied with our services.

How do you know what are our needs?

We collect information about your needs based on project brief and questionnaire. We are free to recommend solutions based on our accumulated experiences.

Why should I invest in my employees?

The most valuable resource one organization has is its people. Investment in skills, knowledge, development in personal and team capacity are undoubtedly best investment in future business.

In times of permanent crisis, inspiration, motivation and purpose are invaluable for one organization. Based on our experiences a good organization should invest in at least one training per year in its key employees.

We recommend to invest in professional development of your managers minimum five working days annually, although international standard is twice as much.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a provider for training and development? 

Our recommendation is that when choosing a partner for training and development consider the following: First, does your supplier has managerial experience that you need? Second, does you supplier has the capacity to satisfy your needs in continuity, since people development is not one off task. Third and most important, are the lecturers inspirational to the students?