Our Mokra Gora campus is located in one of the most scenic parts of Serbia. The natural environment of Mokra Gora offers students the best possible conditions for intellectual and professional development, as well as offering students a break from the corporate world; it is simultaneously a first class break, relaxation and motivation.

Since Spring 2016, thanks to the help of our founders and professors, and most of all Telekom Serbia, Mokra Gora School of Management began working in our newly built campus in the ethno village Mecavnik on Mokra Gora. Built in a traditional fashion, from wood sourced from the Mokra Gora and Tara region, it is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for a successful stay and execution of curriculum.

Our Mihajlo Pupin – Telekom Serbia amphitheater is located in the ground floor of the campus and can accommodate 30 students; it also provides a scenic view of surrounding mountains and fields.  Our students and professors are provided with all the necessary audio-video equipment as well as a Wi-Fi connection. On the second floor is where the “Dragon’s den” classroom is located, which is meant for workshops, brainstorming sessions and other creative and dynamic forms of interacting with our students.

Our students also have access to a library with over 500 books and magazines, top of the line authors and authorities from the fields of management, marketing, sales, finances, human resources and entrepreneurship.

Next to the listed educational contents, within our Mokra Gora campus there is also an office area, coffee kitchen and terrace for both employees and students.