The idea of Mokra Gora School of Management is not just a regular, any, business idea. It is inspired by the belief that the work, knowledge and experience, purpose, vision and fellowship are the essence that can make our environment better and more successful.

It is like we have started yesterday, and we are already entering the seventh anniversary of business. Mokra Gora School of Management from day to day, with your support, gets the form and content of the business school we can all be proud of.


  • Srdjan Janićijević, Founder and CEO, Mokra Gora School of Management
  • Miloš Zečević, Executive director, Mokra Gora School of Management
  • Bojan Stevanović, CEO, Hauzmajstor
  • Dragan Radić, CEO, Ninamedia
  • Danijela Nedić, CEO, Biznis Link
  • prof. dr Vladimir Vučković, Editor of MAT, Economic Institute
  • Dragoljub Vukadinović, President of the steering committee, Holding Metalac
  • Huseyin CIFCI, President Prodyna
  • George FARAH, private investor