Career development is a lifelong process of managing ones learning, work, free time and changes, all with the goal of striving towards a personally defined future. Career development services are programs and services that help individuals and organizations research and manage questions concerning employment, skills and personal development.

Career development consists of two major issues:

(1) How individuals manage their careers within and in between organizations?

(2) How organizations structure career development of their employees, with an emphasis on personal development and succession planning.

MSM uses its expertise through different forms of consulting and educational services to properly balance these two points of view. The goal is mutual – better results of both the individual and the organization.

Programs and services offered by MSM:

  • psychometric tools
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • career planning and succesion

HR consulting

Each of these categories has its own subcategories and specific elements that can be the subject of future services. MSM experts will in each case, in direct conversation with the interested organization and / or individuals, put together the best possible range of services in accordance to the clients needs.