Professional Master of Business Administration

Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA) is the first program in the field of informal education of adults which was publicly recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development. According to the international classification, this program belongs to the segment of Professional Master of Business Administration (Professional MBA)  programs.

The program is based on “craft” knowledge and skills in key areas of management. It combines modern concepts and tools applicable in small and medium enterprises, as well as in large systems in  both the private and public sector. Through the PMBA program of the Mokra Gora School of Management, students will acquire all the skills that a successful manager or entrepreneur should possess. The program takes place at the campuses of the Mokra Gora School of Management in Belgrade and Mokra Gora.

The Professional MBA consists of 8 thematic modules,  of which a student must complete 4 compulsory and 2 elective courses throughout a 3 year period. Modules are selected by the students in agreement with the mentor. Each of the modules can also be attended seperately. At the end of each module, students will write a examination essay and upon completion of all 6 modules they are to submit their conclusory assignment.

Program participants

Professional Master of Business Administration is intended for managers at all levels of management and entrepreneurs who do not have formal business education.

Admission criteria:

  • Managerial or entrepreneurial experience for at least 3 years
  • Readiness for disciplined and demanding work on oneself
  • Interview with program director

Basic Management – 19-23 February, 2018 and 27-31 August, 2018

Communication Management – 19-23 March, 2018

Human Resource Management – 21-25 May, 2018

Finance Management – 25-29 June, 2018

Business Negotiations – 06-07 September, 2018

Marketing Management – 01-05 October, 2018

Leadership and strategy – 29 October – 02 November, 2018

Economy – 26-30 November, 2018

Duration: 6 modules, more than 170 classes, in a period of three years

When: February 2018 – February 2021

Where: Belgrade and Mokra Gora

Single module price:

80.000,00 RSD + VAT

* The price of the program does not include accommodation (5,000 dinars per person per day)

** Corporate partners, academic community, self-financing students and the unemployed have

special conditions of payment.