Vladimir Vučković

Vladimir Vučković

Director of the academic program

Full-time lecturer

Vladimir Vučković is the director of academic programs at Mokra Gora school of management.

Professor Vučković was born in 1975, graduated, completed master’s and doctoral degrees at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics (2004). He is a member of Republic of Serbia’s Fiscal Council and had been a full-time professor at the John Naisbitt University until 2016. He held the editor position of the macroeconomic newsletter Macroeconomic analysis and trends. He published more than 70 scientific papers in several referent and professional journals in Serbia and abroad, focusing on macroeconomics, finance, fiscal economy, international economy, European Union.

Professor Vučković coauthored two textbooks – International economy and Financial management. He’s a member of the Presidency of the Association of Economists, Scientific Society of Economists and Mokra Gora School of Management’s team since 2013 with professional experience gained in the USA among others. Professor Vučković is married to Sanja, also a doctor of economic sciences and with whom he has three sons.