Mokra Gora School of Management organizes study trip together with Donghua University from Shanghai. In 2014, the Mokra Gora School of Management signed a cooperation agreement with Donghua University in order to exchange experiences and knowledge. For our students, this agreement has a multiple value.

First, a study trip to Shanghai is a unique opportunity for students to become familiar with this part of the world, with the culture of the East and their way of life.

Another reason why Shanghai and Donghua University have been chosen for cooperation is the aspiration of the Mokra Gora School of Management to show how Asian companies create value, to learn more about their corporate culture and the way companies are organized in China. We try to make comparison to European and American way of leadership, to acquire knowledge, experience and ideas and how we can apply good practice in our company.

We are pleased that the people from Donghua University have recognized us as reliable partners, and we are sure that students of our EMBA program will also get contacts and acquaintances that can help them improve their knowledge and contribute to the result of their companies.

Donghua University

Donghua University (DHU), formerly China Textile University, was founded in 1951. Located in the downtown area in Shanghai and adjacent to Hongqiao Economic Development Zone, DHU is one of the state-key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China. Its feature disciplines, such as Fashion Design, Textile Engineering, International Trade, Material Science, and Information Technology have received high reputation both domestically and abroad.

DHU is a multi-disciplinary university with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs across a vast field of disciplines including engineering, economics, management, literature and art, laws, science, and education. It has 13 colleges and schools, offering 54 undergraduate programs, 59 master’s degree programs, 30 doctoral degree programs, and 5 postdoctoral research programs, among which are 6 state key disciplines and 7 Shanghai municipal key disciplines. Academic achievements have found applications in areas such as aeronautics, military science, new material, architecture, and environment protection. The number of valid patents ranks top 12 among Chinese colleges and universities.

There are more than 2,800 faculty and staff, and over 30,000 enrolled students at DHU. The employment rate maintains 100% for post graduates and over 95% for undergraduates in the past several years. So far, DHU has established cooperation with over 100 well-known oversea universities, research institutions and enterprise. DHU also successfully held international conferences and forums in the fields such as textile, fashion, and material.

As early as 1954, DHU commenced to accept international students who were among the first group of overseas students enrolled by Chinese universities. To date, DHU has brought up a huge number of international students from over 130 countries. Almost all of undergraduate programs, postgraduate and research programs are open to international students. Besides, non-degree programs including Chinese language programs, Degree-Preparation program, advanced study programs, and a variety of short-term programs are available to international students.