Vivaldi forums are organized minimum four times a year, symbolically at the beginning of each season, and represent a place where people may gather, connect and exchange experiences and opinions. The forums gather experts from the business, social and cultural spheres with the aim of improving business conditions of our society.  The forums have been evaluated as inspiring, useful and favored by experts. The Mokra Gora School of Management has been building and nurturing a partnership with the regional economy, as well as listening and connecting to all of those who can contribute to improving the economic setting.

Spring Vivaldi CEO Forum

This forum is intended for business leaders who create new value and lead powerful organizations that have the knowledge and opportunities to launch society towards the development of a community of well-being . 

Date: 29-31 March, 2018. The forum is organized in partnership with the magazine “Nedeljnik” on an invite only basis.

Summer Vivaldi CMO & CCO Forum

This forum is dedicated to the industry of marketing and communications. Speakers and participants discuss topics regarding the needs of consumers, innovation and the latest upcoming practices and techniques in the industry and region.

Date: 21-23 June, 2018. Price (RSD): 25,000 + VAT

Autumn Vivaldi HR Forum

The HR forum is dedicated to the systematic development of human resources and strengthening the function of HR as an important department in all organizations.

Date: 19-22 September, 2018. Price (RSD): 30,000 + VAT

Winter Vivaldi CFO Forum

In early winter  the financial sector, regional economists, government and business leaders gather to share their vision of the complex role of the financial sector and to discuss the opportunities that the future may bring.

Date: 29 November –01 December, 2018. Price (RSD): 25,000 + VAT

*The price does not include accommodation which is approximately 5,000 RSD per person per day